We are a small boutique firm with a wealth of experience in a number of disparate areas:

Family law includes such issues as divorce, paternity actions, modifications, contempt, restraining orders, removal of children, jurisdictional disputes, and pre-nuptial agreements. Probate law includes wills and trusts, estate settlements, and probate administration.

White & Fudala, LC was established in 1992 in Lexington, MA. Attorney Muriel Fudala, a senior partner in the firm, has practiced law for about 26 years, concentrating in family and probate law.

We are located in suburban Lexington, Massachusetts, near Routes 128 and 2, which is convenient for both suburban and urban clients. Although most of our clients are individuals and small businesses, we have also represented corporations and other large institutions. We take pride in our ability to bring a high level of expertise and a depth of experience to a wide area of legal disciplines.

Attorney Fudala offers a 40 minute consultation for a reduced fee of $100.

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